Science Pilot is an educational company founded to develop products that will provide Texas teachers and students the support needed to acquire science success.

Our Beliefs:

  • Teachers are the single most profound influence on a student's scientific success.

  • Resources that can be produced to ease the teacher's burden, in a current whirlwind of change, should be offered and prepared so all of our students can find the map to scientific success.


Get your copy of the Readiness and Supporting Standards with the new Streamlined TEKS!  Color PDFs are available for both 5th and 8th grades.

Science Pilot kits

Content Maps, Activities, Assessment Questions


Science Kit

Grade 3


Science Kit

Grade 4

5th Grade-science FINAL-1.jpg

Standards Kit

Grade 5

8th Grade-science FINAL-1.jpg

Standards Kit

Grade 8


Content Maps

Teacher and Student maps focused on critical science content

5th Grade-science FINAL-cm.jpg


Quick, engaging tasks measuring learning and critical science content

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10 questions per Readiness Standard, identify strengths and weaknesses

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