Science Pilot is an educational company founded to develop products that will provide Texas teachers and students the support needed to acquire science success.

Our Beliefs:

  • Teachers are the single most profound influence on a student's scientific success.
  • Resources that can be produced to ease the teacher's burden, in a current whirlwind of change, should be offered and prepared so all of our students can find the map to scientific success.

See what's new with a side-by-side comparison of the current Readiness and Supporting Standards with the new streamlined TEKS!  PDFs are available for both 5th and 8th grades.

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Readiness standards kits

Content Maps, Activities, Assessment Questions

Available Now:
5th Grade
8th Grade

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Content Maps

Teacher and Student maps focused on critical science content

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Quick, engaging tasks measuring learning and critical science content

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10 questions per Readiness Standard, identify strengths and weaknesses

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